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√ Salt Risen Bread Recipe

the new salt rising bread recipe
The New Salt Rising Bread Recipe Patchwork Times by Judy from salt risen bread recipe , image source: www.patchworktimes.com


6 servings

  1. Dough (Use any bread dough you like. See below for reference)
  2. 135 grams Bread flour
  3. 15 grams Cake flour
  4. 3 grams Dry yeast
  5. 80 ml Milk
  6. 1 grams Salt
  7. 15 grams Sugar
  8. 10 grams Butter
  9. 25 grams Egg
  10. 280 grams or use your favorite dough that has risen 1 time
  11. 46 grams) (Dough per roll:
  12. Other ingredients:
  13. 6 slice Sliced ham
  14. 1 slice Sliced cheese
  15. 6 pieces Raisins
  16. 1 Beaten egg to glaze the rolls


  1. Cut the slice of cheese into 6 pieces. Cut each slice of ham in half and then divide the left half into half again.  
  2. Place a piece of cheese on top of a large piece of ham, then top with a small piece of ham and finally a larger piece of ham. Make 6 of these.  
  3. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together except for the butter. Then add the butter and mix well. Bring the dough together and knead well.  
  4. Let the dough rise for the first time using the proofing mode of your oven until the dough has doubled in size. After the 1st rising is done, divide the dough it into 6 pieces and leave it to rest for 10 minutes.  
  5. Roll out each piece of dough into an oval shape and place the stacked ham and cheese from step 2 on the upper half. Make sure to leave enough space on the left side. Take the lower part of the dough and fold it over, then firmly seal the seams closed.  
  6. Press down gently from the top and cut the lower left part of the dough in a triangular shape. Be careful not to cut through the ham here. On the right side, make a small cut to make a tail.  
  7. Combine the previously cut left over dough and roll them together into a ball. Flatten the ball into an oval shape and cut it into two pieces. Place on the elephant shapes to form the ears. Make the eyes by poking holes with chopsticks.  
  8. Place the formed dough on a baking tray and let the dough rise for the second time (for about 30-40 minutes) using the proofing mode of your oven. Once the dough has risen, start preheating the oven immediately.  
  9. Brush the dough with beaten eggs to glaze them, and press raisins into the holes you made for the eyes. Bake for 12 minutes in a preheated oven at 180℃.  
  10. You can bake a performing circus elephant. So cute.

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